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New European regulations on importing timber hold no fear for L&G Forest Products Ltd. We’ve been committed to ethical supply for years!

The new European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR), which come into force from March 2013, make it unlawful to market any illegally harvested timber or timber products. L&G Forest Products Ltd, part of Grafton Merchanting-GB, has followed a responsible approach to sourcing timber for several years already so the company welcomes the new regulations. Growing rapidly, with demand for timber products mushrooming, Grafton Merchanting-GB decided to take greater ownership of the supply chain and to directly source more of its wood products for improved traceability.

As well as performing risk assessments on its suppliers and visiting production facilities so that they can see for themselves, Grafton uses the UK Timber Trades Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) as a standard measure to ensure that its timber is ‘environmentally hygienic’.

The RPP was created as a due diligence system for assessing the risk of illegal timber entering the supply-chain and providing an approach to ensure that higher risk materials and suppliers are managed out.

RPP is an industry standard created by the UK Timber Trade Federation that provides a transparent and auditible process that can be used against the legally binding EUTR and customers, staff, and other stakeholders can be confident that Grafton is submitting its data to an independent body to access. Grafton’s commitment to the RPP means that, as well as exceeding the requirements set out in the EUTR, staff and customers can be assured that timber products are sourced responsibly.

    To download our full PDF on the new European Union Timber Regulations simply click here