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Timber is one of the most unique and naturally sustainable building materials on our planet.
Known for its strength and versatility you can be assured there is a timber available to suit your strength, durability or aesthetic requirements.
Our comprehensive range of sustainably sourced top quality timber has been procured with the main intention of providing our customers with the peace of mind that only sustainable quality brings.

Carcassing Timber

Commonly referred to as first fix timber, carcsssing timber may or may not be seen but nevertheless forms an integral part of any buildings construction.

Planed Softwood

Commonly referred to as dressed, PAR or PSE timber, planed timbers are often specified because of their smooth finish, dimensional accuracy and aesthetic appearance.

Softwood Mouldings

For modern projects demanding sleek clean lines to traditional refurbishments where character is essential, we have a softwood moulding to suit your requirements.

MDF Mouldings

In recent years MDF has become the product of choice for house builders and carpentry contractors alike.


Specialist Milling

We are able to machine a full range
of hardwoods & softwoods to your

External Cladding

In recent years timber cladding has replaced various man made products as an architect’s material of choice.

Timber Decking & Sleepers

Timber decking is excellent way to utilise space in both gardens and on roof terraces.

Formwork & Fire Treated Products

L&G Forest Products have for many years serviced the concrete formwork industry.